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Creating Digital Framework for Healthcare Empowerment


As per HIPAA, our digital healthcare platforms are safe, i.e., the confidential information given by patients or Health professionals is proected from any breach or attack.

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The implemented GPS, Healthcare blogs, chat records between Doctors and Patients, Patients information, etc. in our Healthcare Apps and Websites are guided under the FDA.

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Healthcare Mobile App & Websites entail HITECH Act, which expands the scope of privacy & security protections available under HIPAA in the exchange of electronic protected health information.

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Hospital Management

We have designed various Digital Panels to manage the records of Patients, Doctors, Appointments, etc to increase its usability & efficiency.

Automated Reports

The report system implemented in our Apps and Website is highly advance giving precise graphical plots of analysed data which are easy to read.

Lifestyle Wellness

We have given a gateway where users can track their real-time activites using APIs like Apple Healthkit and Google Fitbit and improve them by Healthcare tips & blogs.

Online Booking

We have successfully implemented Online Appointment, Chat support system and online consulting an Health specialist on our Digital Healthcare platforms.


Our Apps and websites allow one to search Hospitals or Labs in proximity using GPS. Geolocations also in tracking the patient's location and hence activites.

Locum Opportunities

Not just limited to health & fitness, we have also developed a online portal where Health professionals can get Locum & Freelancing opportunities.

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