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We provide all kinds of IT Services: Website Development, Mobile Applications Development, Digital Marketing.

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About AbyM

Since 2010, AbyM Technology has been functioning with exceptional commitment in IT field.
We adapt agile methodology using latest technology to deliver project within committed deadline.

Mobile Applications

We offer native and hybrid Mobile App development solutions for different industries such as education, healthcare, lifestyle, social media, travel, utility, entertainment, gaming, etc.

Web Applications

We develop websites e-commerce, sales, personal, social, corporate, etc. using latest technology. We develop APIs, Spreadsheets, Online forms, File conversion and scanning, etc.

Digital Marketing

AbyM better connect brands to consumers in an increasingly digital-centric world. Our aesthetically designed marketing strategies are effective, well-targeted and meaningful.

Amazing Features

At AbyM, we have keep process simple that helps client understand what is happening at every stage.
Planning process starts with understanding the requirements of the client and uncovering the goals of the application, which is then followed by designing, development, testing and delivery of the work.

  • Creative Design

    Making design choices is a daunting task, AbyM makes it easier by offering wide range of clutter-free, aesthetic choices.

  • Documentation

    By understanding your requirements, we prepare documentation, that is easy to understand by clients and elaborate the design and flow of the application.

  • Helping Support

    We assist our clients in the areas of computer acquisition, support, setup, training, networking, security and technology up-gradation.

  • Cost Effective

    By Thoroughly analyzing your needs and understanding your business and product, we provide tailored cost effective solutions.

  • Performance Surety

    AbyM can take your business to the next level. We had developed highest quality projects with assured performance.

  • Full-Proof Testing

    We measure the properties and performance of the product at every stage during production. Full-Proof testing is done before the delivery.

Why Us?

We are dedicated to build up your online brand with our Mobile Application and Website Development strategies.
We provide you Affordable and Quality Mobile and Web design Application Development services.


Website Development

Using all the latest and reliable programming languages we include effective website development tools, less time taking processes and cost effective website development concepts to develop wide range of websites like static, dynamic, flash, corporate, e-commerce, sales, personal, social and many more.

PHP Development

CMS Customization

PHP Frameworks

User Interface Development

Website Design

Java Development

Mobile Application Development

Our talented and expert Android application developers ensure high quality and efficient android application development to engage potential customers in your products or service. We have also designed several mobile phone Windows applications which are user-friendly in look and feel.




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Innovation and You


Digital Marketing

AbyM better connect brands to consumers in an increasingly digital-centric world. Smart use of technology keeps the customers engaged creating long lasting connections. You can be assure about our aesthetically designed marketing strategies are effective, well-targeted and meaningful.





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Mobile Apps





We offer to all Mobile and Web requirements ranging for Mobile Application Development, Web Development and Web Application development.
Below are our some best creations which helped us to earn an unmatched reputation among customers.



There are questions that comes in user's mind, do we really require App and Website for our business?
We are giving answers to some Frequently Asked Questions to help you realize the need of Digitalization of your business.


How to start a project?

Starting a project is tough, you have no idea where to start from? AbyM as always came up with the striking solution to give you the the visionary idea and plan procedures for your project. Go to our Start Project section and fill the form giving details of your project. Rest our experts will get back you helping you to implement your idea.

Why business required an App?

The mobile device world is constantly growing, evolving, and creating staggering opportunities for businesses that market themselves through mobile Apps. People are interacting with apps 89 percent of the time when they’re on their mobile devices.

Why business required a Website?

A website is now a necessity for a business, big or small. It can be the center of your company`s online presence by increasing your visibility in the market. Websites are also available and accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Therefore, it can be an invaluable and always-available resource for information which would otherwise only be accessible during your company`s business hours.

How Digital Marketing help to make a brand?

Digital Marketing gives the opportunity to go up against the big and reputed companies and pull in their share of audiences in the well-targeted manner. Without the use of call centers, independent small companies can successfully attract clients, living anywhere in the world. Digital marketing for business growth lets all kinds of businesses function with equal amount of competency, and this is how digital marketing helps a business build their brand awareness and optimize profits.

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