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Education Portals.

Education Mobile Apps and Websites developed by AbyM Technology features e-Learning, Taking Quiz, Personality & Skills Evaluation, Audio & Video tutorials, etc. implemented in the most Student Friendly way.

Job Portals.

We possess the talent to develop you an advanced AI based Job portal entailing complex features like Resume Parsing, Talent Acquistion, Personality Evaluation techniques, Skill development, data analysis, etc.


Not just job portals, we also have prominent experience in developing Freelancing work portals employ well-formed Bidding section, Profile section, Payment Gateway to calculate cost as per the chosen criteria and much more.

Educational Portals
Job Portals
Locum Job Portals
Freelancing Job Portals

Talent Acquistion

Our AI based e-learning modules comprised Audio & Video tutorials, can help you in Skill Acquistion of expert level.

Personality Evaluation

AI aided Quiz, Aptitude Tests, Skill tests, Questionnaires, etc can precisely score Personality and skills into graphs.

Automated Resume Parsing

We own stars for accurate resume parsing designed in any popular format. All fields are correctly placed in respective inputs.

Advanced Report

The developed systems are capable of intact data analysis for precisely calculating and plotting visual graphic reports.

Fully featured Dashboard

Our developed user-friendly dashboards can candidly upload & scan data. Perfectly made to post, read, perform & evaluate.

Payment Methods

Our Education & Freelancing portals featured with Subscription options, are safe and easy for Bidding & online Payments.

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