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AbyM is a IT Solutions Company focuses upon maximizing your return on investment, optimizing cost and increasing profitability through its software solutions, website development, web portal development and web based enterprise solutions. We are adept in creating your online identity in a way which would compel your prospective clients and audiences to convert to customers. Providing you with a great web design and the ability for you to take control of your web content is only half of the story. We build websites that focus upon the end user with user centred principles to ensure your website works for you and your audience.

Aesthetically designed, brilliantly programmed, tailor made mobile apps for everyone. Business mobility in your hands! We develop innovative, tailor made mobile apps for our global clients, always learning, listening and adapting to new age mobile solutions. We cater to our clients with navigation the web, cloud and mobile space through strategy, design and cooperative development.

Android – Technology at Your Finger Tips!

From the words of Sundar Pichai , we can understand that “Android was primarily built to be highly secure!” Android is known as open source platform for developing mobile phone android apps. It is powered by Linux operating system. Since its launch, newer and better android applications have been introduced attracting number of smartphone users worldwide. There are lots of opportunities still to be exploited in this industry.

Mobile android apps play a significant role to conceive every type of business, regardless of its size or services it offers. Android application development is not an easy task. It requires expertise and knowledge since the user interface and the programming language are different from the regular computing platforms. Hiring professional android apps development company ensures amazing mobile phone android apps to engage potential customers in your products or service.

We are living in the era of technology. Surprisingly, if you excogitate about this whole ecosystem of inter-connected gadgets and devices that draw in information, give access to vast content, allow sharing of data and communicating, then you will notice that the vast majority of people are not those who are using MS Windows systems, rather they are using iPhones and iPads – basically Android devices!

Windows Mobile App Development

All the Smart-phones today are packed with brilliant features and options which have severely impacted their demand by individuals as well as business. Windows application development has been going ahead with great precision and pace.

Windows was once a failed brand in the smart-phone market but today it is set to be the market leader. Microsoft has been very keen recently over developing user friendly and mobile-compatible windows applications for promoting its business. Nokia collaborated with Microsoft and has now integrated its operating system in all its smart-phone. This collaboration may soon take over all the other mobile platforms. Quality has been one of the major motives of Microsoft and hence number of mobile windows apps has been the best in usage than any other platform apps. The Windows application development industry has remained consistent since the origin of Windows 95.

The Best is Here to Stay!

Windows platform have number of applications from GPS-based apps, weather forecasts, gaming genres to business based apps fused with organization systems. Using IT solutions, we have designed several mobile phone windows apps which are user-friendly in look and feel.

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development