CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – 10X your Business Growth

What concerns you the more about this new trend of Remote working? Obviously, managing the communication with customers and within the team becomes stressful if you don’t have correct systems and tools. But an intra-site for your company, a CRM can come to your rescue.

A CRM software helps businesses to track communication with customers and interactions with partners & within the team. You can get the all-relevant customer data such as contact details, follow-up history, transaction history, etc. at one place.

Let’s check what key features your CRM should incorporate for improved sales performance, team performance and customer response:

Lead Management System: Lead generation is the sole of any business and if leads are not managed properly, a company can lose large part of its sales. Lead management system helps in capturing lead details, assigning lead, tracking the follow-ups and lead progress.

Project Management System: Deploying the deliverables on time is important to win customer loyalty. A CRM must have a Project Management system to keep the track of all pending work, dependencies, delivery dates, etc. Keeping every update and detail od project on CRM also saves the effort gone in communication within the team.

Customer Management System: Keeping all records of customers with you saves time from hunting the same data again, it saves the hustle that you may have on the calls or in meetings. It also earns the customer’s faith and reliability on you. The customer management system of CRM should be designed in a way to store all personal and project information of the customer.

Workflow Automation: Automation is the objective of Digitization. For smarter and faster results your CRM should have pre-defined process for Lead Assigning & Follow-ups, Payment reminders, Delivery Date alert, Invoice raising, etc. It will save your managerial time that you can devote to growth-oriented tasks.

Proposal Management: How much time your business executive devotes in making the proposal every time? What if we make few standard templates for proposals and edit it for every new project quotation to be sent? It will save the time and effort of your employees and reduce the chances of mistakes.

Automated Emails & Notifications: You need a CRM from where you can schedule automated promotional or alert Emails, SMSs and notifications. As per the time, your CRM should be advanced enough to take these small-small but important tasks independently. You just need to set the algorithm with conditions and ta-da here you go with automated emails to your clients or team.

Blog Management: Blogs are important to keep the customers engaged and faithful to your products and services. By blogs you can give clarity to their unasked questions and confusions. Blog management system is required to ease out the task of posting the blogs with all Meta-data.
Blog management system should be enabled with report and analysis tool, to check the kind of traffic that you get on your blogs.

Third Party Integrations: CRM should have the integrity to synchronize and work smoothly with other third-party tools, software and web-RTCs. It should get easily connected with Google Workspace tools and cloud-based software and applications.

Customizable: Every organisation is different with its own work culture and operational processes that also changes regularly. There is no ideal system that fits to every company. Therefore, a CRM should be scalable and robust to add new customized features whenever required.

Reports and Analytics: Do you agree if I say business is very much about reporting, analysing and deciding? Therefore, a CRM should have the Report Module, where the user can track the performance and make proper analysis out of it. Analytical data and graphical representation make it more user-friendly and readable.

CRM enables you to better engage with your clients and team. Therefore, it is wise to install a CRM to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. It will help you to optimize your activities by automated data collection, analysis, management, reports and promotions.

To work smarter and generate 10X results, CRM is the foremost need. Stay unaffected in lockdown: Get a Demo of CRM today!